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• Organizing Services & Life Skills Support •

Creating order, beauty, and functionality in our lives can be a transformative process that frees us to focus our attention on the things that really matter.


Tax Documentation Preparation

Do you need help organizing your tax documentation for yourself or your tax preparer, either for a current year or for one or more previous years for which you haven’t filed a return?


Bookkeeping for Personal & Household Finances

Would you like to have an easy and accessible way to track your personal and household finances without having to learn a complex accounting software program? And are you a Macintosh computer user?


Organizing & Life Skills Support

Due to the challenges of Covid and its variants, on-site organizing services are suspended until further notice. However, virtual support sessions are available.


An Invitation to An Extraordinary Life

My book, An Invitation to An Extraordinary Life: A Guide to Discovering, Organizing, and Manifesting the Things that Really Matter to You, is available from

The book offers a process to help us discover our life purpose and then build a structure to support the manifestation of that purpose in the world. It also includes information about Befriending those internal Dragons who terrorize and annoy us, and steps for Creating Sacred Space in which to live and work.

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