Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services

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Tax Documentation Preparation

Do you need help organizing your tax documentation for yourself and/or your tax preparer, either for a current year or for one or more previous years for which you haven’t filed a return?

Do you have receipts and bank statements in boxes and bags, mixed in with legal records, personal memorabilia, and the dog’s vet records, or not downloaded from the internet?

I have 45 years of experience untangling the chaos.

I can gather and organize your information, and create reports for you and your tax preparer in order to get you up-to-date. To keep us all safe during these times of pesky viruses, I will work with your records in my secure home office.


Quicken for the Macintosh

Do you currently have Quicken, are MacIntosh based, and would like some help trouble shooting your file, or updating your categories to suit your present needs?

I used Quicken for the Mac for my personal, household, and small business finances beginning in 1987. For over 30 years, I set-up Quicken accounts and trained users – and sometimes maintained the accounts – for dozens of clients. I custom-design categories to accommodate each client’s needs for different types of deposits and expenditures, and also for the way each individual client thinks. I can also help troubleshoot an issue for your existing Quicken file.

And if I don’t know the answer, I can find someone who does.


QuickBooks Online

I am currently using QuickBooks Online for several clients. And while Quicken remains an easier and more accessible alternative for tracking personal and household finances, QuickBooks has other benefits. It has acquired a good reputation for stability and accessibility. And the online option provides access not only for the client, but also for a bookkeeper, an accountant, or whomever else the client wishes to include.

My Associate is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor who has 15 years’ experience with a wide variety of clients. We can set you up and maintain your account for you.


Contact me

If this kind of support would be helpful to you, and you value considerate thoughtful service, contact me for a free telephone consultation. I would be happy to discuss your needs and desires, and how I might be of help. If you would like to speak in person for our first contact, include your phone number and some good times to call you. I will get back to you as soon as I can. 


Confidentiality and References

All your information, business and personal, written and verbal, will be held in confidence.

References upon request.


Considerate, thoughtful service

If you value considerate, thoughtful service and are ready and eager for change, contact me for a free telephone consultation about how we might work together. I will welcome hearing from you!


Virtual & Local Areas Served

Virtual connection from anywhere.

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Kingston, Woodstock, New Paltz, & surroundings.