Extraordinary Life Coaching

Extraordinary Life Coaching


Greetings fellow traveler . . .

Would you like to improve the quality of your life?
Dust off and indulge your squirreled–away secret dreams?
Walk away from the anxiety and frustration of feeling stuck?
Discover and imagine the next phase of your unique life’s journey?
Craft plans and acquire clarity about how best to begin that journey?


The Process

Through a process of inquiry, positivity, willingness, and compassion, we will identify your new path forward, and custom-design systems to support you as you travel. We will consider not just your needs, but what will nourish your work and your life and help you bring your visions and creativity into form. 

Wooden path over dunes at a beach

We will use processes and techniques that I have learned and crafted over 45 years of consulting work with people from all walks of life, many of which are offered in my book, An Invitation to An Extraordinary Life: A Guide to Discovering, Organizing, and Manifesting the Things That Really Matter to You.

These include ways to:

  • Explore your desire and direction for change 
  • Clarify your values and priorities
  • Articulate and affirm your new path
  • Evaluate your skills, experience, and resources
  • Discover your personal patterns, cycles, and style
  • Craft plans to direct and support you moving forward 
  • Employ techniques to help you bring about change
  • Connect with your inner wisdom for clarity and support
  • Befriend those internal dragons that terrorize and annoy you
  • Learn remedies to use during difficult times
  • Heal your heart to release the past and open to ease and well-being

Working Style

Our work together will be a collaborative, co-creative process — free of judgement — with a little humor and a lot of attention to your personal needs and where you are at any given time. Communication and listening are essential.


A retainer for each session or series of sessions you choose will be requested in advance. There is no contract to sign, and no obligation to continue unless you are willing. Should you decide at any time that this partnership is not for you, any remaining credit will be refunded. However, missed appointments without 24 hours’ notice, will be charged in full.


Contact me

If this kind of support would be helpful to you, and you value considerate thoughtful service, contact me for a free telephone consultation. I would be happy to discuss your needs and desires, and how I might be of help.

And if you would like to speak in person for our first contact, include your phone number and some good times to call you. I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Confidentiality and References

All your information, business and personal, written and verbal, will be held in confidence.

References upon request.


Considerate, thoughtful service

If you value considerate, thoughtful service and are ready and eager for change, contact me for a free telephone consultation about how we might work together. I will welcome hearing from you!


Virtual & Local Areas Served

Virtual connection from anywhere.

Ulster County, NY:
Kingston, Woodstock, New Paltz, & surroundings.