An Extraordinary Life

Who Sets the Standards

By Anacaria Myrrha | January 24, 2023

Some people have what seems to be an obsessive need for beauty and order. Even low-level chaos creates so much static and over-stimulation for them that it makes them feel a bit crazy. And it may be that when things are even a little out of order, they can’t find their keys or remember to…

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The Freedom of Limitations

By Anacaria Myrrha | January 21, 2023

As we embrace the 21st century, riding high on the edge of the Information Age, we find ourselves in an era of unlimited possibilities. We have access to more information than at any other time in history. We receive daily communications from all over the world, many of them contradictory. We receive offers on radio,…

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Creating Sacred Space

By Anacaria Myrrha | August 31, 2020

“A space that meets the everyday needs of its inhabitants, gives expression to their inner life and encourages them to live the life they want is a glorious thing.” John Wheatman, Meditations on Design: Reinventing Your Home with Style and Simplicity Any space in which we live – work, play, eat, pray, make love, sleep…

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Finding Stability Through Change

By Anacaria Myrrha | May 1, 2020

“In life we cannot avoid change, we cannot avoid loss. Freedom and happiness are found in the flexibility and ease with which we move through change.”   Jack Kornfield, Buddha’s Little Instruction Book The one thing in this world of which we can be certain is that all things are in a state of constant change.…

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What is a Well-Lived Life?

By Anacaria Myrrha | January 22, 2020

If we were to ask ten people to define a well-lived life we would probably get ten different answers. Some people would measure success in money; others, by recognition of peers. For some it would be a well-designed and useful product; for others, a beautiful garden. Some would measure it in terms of good relationships,…

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Healing the Heart: A Forgiveness Practice

By Anacaria Myrrha | March 12, 2019

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” Rumi, 13th Century Persian Mystic ~ One of the most important undertakings of our life is that of healing the heart. For it is when the heart becomes healed that we can most easily enter into and maintain a state…

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Discipline as Discipleship

By Anacaria Myrrha | February 6, 2012

“Self-discipline and contentment are useful.” The Dalai Lama ~ When we hear the word discipline, the first thing that usually comes to mind is that someone is going make us do something we don’t want to do. Self-discipline often means that we are going to try to make ourselves do something that we don’t want…

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Don’t ask what the world needs . . .

By Anacaria Myrrha | February 1, 2010

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Howard Thurman, American Theologian Clergyman and Activist – 1900-1981

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9 Steps to Organization

By Anacaria Myrrha | January 12, 2010

When you made your New Year’s resolutions last January, was “Get organized!” near the top of your list? Did you make the same resolution the year before? And the year before? Is your desk still stacked with magazines, catalogues, event schedules, junk mail and very important things to do? Are your closets still untidy and…

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