Healing the Heart: A Forgiveness Practice

Healing the Heart: A Forgiveness Practice

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” Rumi, 13th Century Persian Mystic ~

One of the most important undertakings of our life is that of healing the heart. For it is when the heart becomes healed that we can most easily enter into and maintain a state of grace. And one of the most effective ways to heal the heart is through the process of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves. One which can release us from the bondage of resentment and remorse, heal our emotional suffering, and afford us the freedom to live an Extraordinary Life.

Skillful forgiveness does not diminish us in any way. It does not minimize painful events or sanction unkind or abusive behavior. It does not in any way belittle or denigrate the pain we have experienced, of having been harmed, emotionally, physically, or spiritually; the pain of having been misjudged, ridiculed, rejected, abandoned, or betrayed; the pain of not having been loved – by ourselves or others.

Skillful forgiveness releases us from destructive states of mind and heart, and from the tyranny of being victims – of ourselves and others. It opens the way for us to move into states of rest and healing, and offers the possibility of contentment and joy.

Forgiveness allows us to pay off our emotional debts. It allows us to lay down the burdens that have kept us in the past, spending our attention and energy on worrying old wounds. This attention and energy is then available to use in other ways.

Forgiveness benefits us physically as well. Studies show that people who practice forgiveness reduce anger, depression, anxiety, and stress in their lives, and have lower blood pressure and heart rates than those who hold resentments.

By the Laws of Resonance, the people we forgive, or from whom we ask forgiveness, also benefit, even if it is not possible or appropriate to have a conversation with them to allow amends to be made. The act of forgiveness changes the vibrational quality of the relationship so that – regardless of where we are in time and space – all parties involved are affected and released, and healing can occur.

Here’s a simple affirmation to help free you up. I don’t know where it came from but I thank those who created it and those who made me aware of it, for I find it has fierce healing power.

I forgive myself for all those things for which I need forgiveness.

I forgive all those who need my forgiveness.

I ask forgiveness from all those whose forgiveness I need.

Repeated in sets of three, it gains power and momentum.

When you are saying it, allow transgressions to arise and be forgiven. Visualize those with whom you are in resentment or remorse and open yourself to mercy, for yourself and for them. Be willing to allow forgiveness to happen. If your heart will not yet open sufficiently to allow it, ask your Source to allow the forgiveness for you until you are able to do it.

Notice what happens.

Notice the feelings that arise.

Notice where you close, where you are able to open.


Keep making space for it all.

Keep letting go.

Regular practice of forgiveness heals our heart and increases our capacity for happiness, and for An Extraordinary Life.


Excerpted from An Invitation to An Extraordinary Life
© 2011 Anacaria Myrrha ~ All Rights Reserved

You will find more information, techniques, and in-depth practices in Chapter Ten in this book.

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