An Invitation to An Extraordinary Life

An Invitation to An Extraordinary Life

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An Invitation to An Extraordinary Life:

A Guide to Discovering, Organizing, and Manifesting the Things that Really Matter to You

My book, An Invitation to An Extraordinary Life: A Guide to Discovering, Organizing, and Manifesting the Things that Really Matter to You, has been reissued by Practical Magic Press and is now available from Amazon. 

The book offers a process to help us discover our life purpose and then build a structure to support the manifestation of that purpose in the world. It also includes information about Befriending those internal Dragons who terrorize and annoy us, and steps for Creating Sacred Space in which to live and work. 

Below is a little taste of the chapters to whet your appetite. (You will also find some excerpts in my posts under An Extraordinary Life.)


  1. The Invitation considers the questions what is an Extraordinary Life and how do we get to have one?
  2. Connecting with Source offers ways to connect with the Source of our Life Force in order to receive guidance and support. It is essential to establish this step first so that, as we proceed, we will have access to the information we need to choose wisely, and the spiritual support to persevere.
  3. Befriending the Dragons takes us to the realm of the treasure where we confront the critics and desperados who hang around there, and who undermine our commitment by terrorizing and annoying us. This is the place where we enlist auspicious forces and reclaim our power.
  4. Laying the Foundation provides a process to identify our values, discover our life purpose, compose our intentions and clarify our priorities. The answers provide the criteria for making informed decisions, on a daily basis, about what to keep and what not to keep, what to do and what to leave undone.
  5. Creating Sacred Space offers principles and support to create order, beauty and blessing in our living spaces, and to make room for what awaits us.
  6. Building Structure offers techniques to create systems of support as we work to fulfill our life purpose in a world of constant distraction, seduction and change.
  7. Making Things Happen ~ Once we know what we are up to, this is how we get things done, including a realistic and humane schedule for both work and play, for ourselves, and with those we love.
  8. Maintaining Support provides guidance for essential and compassionate self-care, suggestions for maintaining relationships for mutual support, and techniques for maintaining our systems.
  9. Remedies offers prescriptions for difficult times: when things are hard or when we simply don't know what to do.
  10. Healing the Heart offers insight into the acts of forgiveness and blessing - to help us clear out our emotional and energetic clutter - and the freedom and grace we can experience through their practice.
  11. And lastly, some suggestions to further our quest for the proverbial life of Happily Ever After.

So if you are ready, come join me on this extraordinary journey to an Extraordinary Life.

Excerpted from An Invitation to An Extraordinary Life © 2011 & 2014 ~ Anacaria Myrrha ~ All Rights Reserved

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