The Creative Process

Courting the Muse: Part I – Focused Time

By Anacaria Myrrha | March 9, 2020

   “One reason I don’t suffer writer’s block is that I don’t wait on the muse. I summon it at need.” Piers Anthony ~ If we were to invite a colleague or other esteemed person to be an honored guest in our home or workplace, there are some things we would probably do; tidy up the place,…

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The Four Draft Formula

By Anacaria Myrrha | October 18, 2013

Some years ago, in a writers’ workshop, I received one of those little gems that subtly but profoundly changes your life. The class instructor quoted British writer Margery Allingham, author of, among others, the Albert Campion mysteries. When asked by an interviewer how she wrote, she replied (as was quoted to me):  “I write the…

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Discipline as Discipleship

By Anacaria Myrrha | February 6, 2012

“Self-discipline and contentment are useful.” The Dalai Lama ~ When we hear the word discipline, the first thing that usually comes to mind is that someone is going make us do something we don’t want to do. Self-discipline often means that we are going to try to make ourselves do something that we don’t want…

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