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Survival of the Responsive!

I recently came across this quote attributed to Charles Darwin: “It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.” And it occurred to me that the way for us to move forward in these challenging times is to be open and receptive to new ways… Continue Reading



Sometimes all it takes is a change in attitude to deliver us from difficulties. Some years ago, I found myself in an internal conflict over a situation with one of my  clients. Although I cannot remember what it was about, at that time it was of such importance that it was holding my attention and… Continue Reading

Rx: For General Malaise

Sometimes there are days when we simply don’t feel well. When we are restless, tired, depressed. When we are suffering from undefined, random discontent. Here are lists of some of my remedies. Different approaches work at different times. When I am in a funk, I look them over and choose, not what I think I need,… Continue Reading

Rx: When You are in Emotional Distress

There are times in our lives when we fall into emotional distress. We lose our footing and slip into a whirlpool of feeling. Our capacity for clear thinking and perspective diminishes and we are immersed in suffering. When this happens, it is helpful to have a practice to use to help restore our equilibrium. Here are… Continue Reading

Rx: When Things are in a Mess

Sometimes, after a difficult or demanding period in our lives, we find that our surroundings have deteriorated to a state of chaos and decay. The Law of Entropy has been at work and everything around us has descended to its lowest common denominator. The place is a mess. Here is a list of tasks to… Continue Reading

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