Creating Sacred Space

Creating Sacred Space

“A space that meets the everyday needs of its inhabitants, gives expression to their inner life and encourages them to live the life they want is a glorious thing.”

John Wheatman, Meditations on Design:
Reinventing Your Home with Style and Simplicity

Any space in which we live – work, play, eat, pray, make love, sleep or just hang out – can be transformed into a sacred space. Sacred not in the sense of being weighty, intimidating or ponderous, but rather a place of lightness, one in which we feel unencumbered, one that feeds our hearts and minds, one in which we feel at home. One that provides us with safety and support. One in which we are connected to Source. A place to engage in our life purpose and live an Extraordinary Life.

The three elements I consider essential in this alchemical process of transformation are Organization, Beauty and Blessing.

Organization provides structure and function. When we are organized, we have reliable access to tools, information, documents and possessions. We have procedures to get things done. We gain the capacity to move through our days with clarity, efficiency and ease. And this provides us with stability through the changes that come our way.

Beauty provides us with a refuge from the pressure and chaos of the world, a place to retreat and revitalize. Beauty has the power to calm the spirit, soothe the mind, and nourish the heart.

Blessing is the act of inviting the power, love and wisdom of the Source into the spaces in which we live. This invitation clears negative energy and aligns us with the Life Force that sustains us. This alignment opens the way for us to receive the opportunities and support we need to fulfill our life purpose and to live an Extraordinary Life.

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