Visionary Art

Visionary Art

Untitled design

Myrrha’s Mandalas

Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle and is a symbol of unity and wholeness. Mandalas are often created in a state of contemplation and prayer and may represent a metaphysical concept or truth, an archetypal image, a view of a cyclic phenomenon, or an expression of personal feelings or awareness. They are often used for meditation and healing.

The Mandalas presented here were unplanned. They arose from some formless and numinous source of symbols and meaning. Each represents a process or a state I was in touch with during the time in which it was drawn. Each was, and remains, a journey of revelation, discovery and delight.

The descriptions I have written in the Visionary Art posts are what little I can tell you about them in words. The rest of the meaning lies beneath the surface of the spoken word and must be experienced. The meaning you find in them will surely be different from mine. I invite you to open to your personal, subjective perceptions, and experience whatever revelation, discovery or delight may await you.

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