Nice Letters From Clients

Nice Letters From Clients

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“It has been extremely rare for me to have such radical positive impact made to the quality of my work life in such a short period of time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Gabriel Kram, Executive Director, The Mind Body Awareness Project, San Francisco, CA

“The work we did together gave me an experience of what it is to let go of my strivings and be a fair and compassionate witness. I felt very validated and assured, and have a new courage to follow my path. Thank you for your patience, clarity and love.”

Richard M., Retiring Therapist, Napa, CA

“You’re such a good companion on the road. So intelligent. So courageous.”

Judith Lit, Film Producer/Writer, New York City, NY

“I can’t believe we’ve come so far in only six months . . . I’m starting a new job, my financial affairs are in order for taxes, and my confidence is back. You were able to show me a path out of the chaos of my grandmother’s money, and to get beyond the anger, hurt, fear, and guilt. I could not have done it so well without your wisdom, support, understanding, and compassion.”

Sonya J., Inheritor, San Rafael, CA

“I want to thank you for all your love, caring, and support over the years – not to mention how you have made my life and business better and more productive.”

Steve McKenzie, President, McKenzie & Associates, San Anselmo, CA

“I always feel so blessed and filled with wholeness after our time together. It’s not just the organizing and your wisdom and insights about my life, but especially your infectious humor and your wonderful stories which took me out of my dark place. Thank you for your guidance, wisdom, and practical magic!”

Beth Schoenberger, Environmental Wellness Consultant, Oakland, CA

“When I started my business, working with you was the best investment that I made. The systems we set up together have served me for over 20 years.”

Karen McCall, Founder & Owner, Financial Recovery Institute, San Francisco, CA

“I wish to express our sincere appreciation for the fine job you did in organizing our files. Every time I have to look for something, it’s easily found and has resulted in tremendous savings to us of time and energy. Many thanks for all your efforts.”

Jane Bay, Executive Assistant to the Chairman of the Board, Lucasfilm, Ltd., San Anselmo, CA

“Thank you so much for the help with my files and financial records. No one has ever helped me look at my chaos or brought me so much clarity in the process. Thank you for helping me make such a positive change in my life.”

Judy Dempsey, Jafra District Director, El Granada, CA

“It is 7:15 and my desk in the sunroom is completely clean, the bills are paid, and all is well.”

Judy G. Barber, Founder, Family Money Consultants, LLC , Sausalito, CA

“You are a treasure! It is such a joy to know you and share this journey. Thank you for helping us get our home office and lives in order. Your gentle guidance is greatly appreciated.”

John and Judith Ratcliffe, Realtors, The Grubb Company, Berkeley, California

“My favorite place in the house is the tranquil, functional office which you were so instrumental in designing and organizing. Your intuitive ability to assess needs and set priorities saved me untold amounts of time, money, and frustration.”

D.W., Philanthropist, San Francisco, CA

“Thank you so much for helping me start a new life. I’m very happy and content with all that we accomplished. Please keep in touch. God bless.”

Kathy M., Homemaker, Daly City, CA ~ 1st Client, 1978