This mandala is the first that I completed. I began it in late January 1996 on the 42nd anniversary of my father’s death and completed it four days later on the eve of my birthday.

Rebirth ~ © 2009 Anacaria Myrrha
Rebirth ~ © 2009 Anacaria Myrrha

The pillar is a symbol of strength and garlanded with flowers to soften its aspect with beauty and grace. The pyramid is a sanctuary, a place of healing, a place of transformation, a place of access to cosmic law. The comets in the sky call our attention to an event of import taking place. The winged messenger is a fair witness and casts light upon the egg which is in the process of breaking open to reveal new life.

Each image came to me carrying meaning in and of itself, yet without a sense of the meaning in the whole. When the mandala was complete, I realized it is a picture of the sky on the day of my birth — the sun just below the horizon, the moon one day past full — with the addition of gifts and influences available through the experience and wisdom gained through aging. It pictures the opportunity each of us has to be reborn — to experience, at any moment, an opening into new consciousness. Over and over again.

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©  2009 Anacaria Myrrha ~ All Rights Reserved

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