Organizing Services & Life Skills Support

Creating order, beauty, and functionality in our lives can be a transformative process.

It can put us in touch with what is truly essential and valuable to us. And by realigning what is out of order, we can create structure and set boundaries to enhance flow. In the process, we can gain a measure of clarity, freedom, power and spontaneity to transform our ordinary lives into extraordinary lives.

If you have a business or home office, and desire clear priorities, refined systems of organization, and a beautiful environment, consider the ways your life could be transformed by any or all of the following possibilities.

• Clarification of your values, purpose and priorities
• An efficient and esthetically pleasing work space
• A beautiful, functional filing system (paper and/or digital)
• A reliable paper and work-flow system
• Tools to help you manage your projects and tasks
• A realistic and humane schedule for living and thriving

• Project plans to help you make things happen
• Maintenance schedules to keep you up-to-date
• Acknowledgement and support for your gifts and talents
• Remedies for challenging times
• Energetic clearing and blessing

What I have to offer

What I offer comes from what I’ve learned in 40 years of practice as a professional organizer and a lifetime as a seeker of meaning. It includes an inquiry into what you want in your life, and ways to build structure to support you on your path.


We will consider

We will consider not just your needs, but what will nourish you in your work and your life. Then, using energetic principles and practical methods, we will create systems and support to help you bring your visions and creativity into form.

Our work together

Our work together will be a collaborative, co-creative process — free of judgment — with a little humor and a lot of attention to your personal patterns and style.

If you value considerate, thoughtful service

If you value considerate, thoughtful service and are ready and eager for change, contact me for a free telephone consultation about how we might work together. I will welcome hearing from you!


Ulster County NY areas served include

Accord, High Falls,
Hurley, Kingston,
New Paltz, Rosendale,
Stone Ridge, & Woodstock


Confidentiality & References

All your information, business and personal, written and verbal, will be held in confidence.
References upon request.


Business Established: 1978

Member: National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) since 1989

Past President: NAPO SF Bay Area Chapter, 1990~1992

Member: NAPO National Ethics Task Force, 1994~1995

Clients Served

California Tomorrow

Center for Civic Partnership

Center for Eco Literacy

Creating Our Future

Family Money Consultants, LLC

Financial Recovery Institute

IHSS Public Authority of Marin

Kaiser Permanente Regional Offices

Lucasfilm, Ltd.

Meeting of the Ways

Resourceful Women

S.F. Neighborhood Parks Council

South County Community College District

Swanson Art Gallery

The San Francisco Foundation

The Women’s Foundation

Trust for Public Land

United Way Group Insurance Trust

University of California

Urban Resource Systems

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