The Ant Queen

The Ant Queen is the industrious and practical ruler of her tribe who values storing up reserves for the future. She is a rational and clear-eyed planner who works solely for the continuity of her community.

Her keyhole crown calls to us to find within ourselves the key to our own health and well-being: to develop with patience and perseverance our own daily practices to build stamina and strength to carry us through the long term.

The Ant Queen ~ © 2009 Anacaria Myrrha
The Ant Queen ~ © 2009 Anacaria Myrrha

Carrying and storing up grains and seeds, ants became sacred to the Goddesses of Harvest.

They are considered to be familiar with and skilled at journeying between the underworld and the world of daylight.

This mandala was begun on All Hallow’s Eve in 1998, at the end of the harvest season, and completed one year later on All Hallow’s Eve of 1999.

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©  2009 Anacaria Myrrha ~ All Rights Reserved

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